Must-Try Food Trails

The beauty of eating in Malaysia is that you can have Malay, Chinese and Indian food, all in one day. There is no better way to explore this multicultural country than to eat your way around town, the way locals do, in the stalls locals love.

Small Town Cuisines

Malaysia has a number of undiscovered food gems in its traditional villages and small towns. You get to taste the culinary heritage there and even try your hands at making some of the local dishes.

Learn from a Local

Joining a cooking class or workshop lets you learn from a local. Not only will you be able to make new friends, you get to bring home a skill that would impress your family and friends!

Teatime and Tradition

Teatime has always been a popular part of Malaysian culture. Think street snacks, refreshing desserts, kuihs, fruits and kopitiam brews. You’d be surprised to know that these delicious neighborhood nibbles can take you down memory lane and straight into the local food scene.

17 Malaysian Food Experience

It’s no secret – Malaysians love our food. In fact, it’s a national obsession. Social gatherings always involve a good makan session. Getaways are never complete without trying the best food in town. If you’re looking for unique food experiences in Malaysia, here are some you should try!