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Select your published tour. Please make sure your itinerary and contact details are up to date.


If you are successfully paired with a photographer, schedule a tour with them.


After the photo shoot, it can take up to one month to review these images.

For additional details, please review our Terms of Services.

Please click any questions to open the answers.
  • Who can request a photographer?

    Local experts with published tours may request a photographer. Note that this will depend on the availability of a photographer at the time of request.

  • Can I request a photographer if my tour is still a draft?

    No. For verification purposes, you may request a photographer only for published tours. This is to ensure that we understand what your tour is about.

  • When will I know if I have successfully been paired?

    As it depends on the availability of the photographers, the photoshoot is not guaranteed. If a photographer is available, you will receive an email with their details and information on how to proceed.

  • How much does it cost?

    Local experts must cover the cost of the tour. However, you are not required to pay an additional fee for the photo shoot.

  • Can I book another photo shoot for the same tour?

    No, you can only request a photographer once for each published tour.

  • When can I receive the images?

    It will take up to a month to review the photos.

  • Will LokaLocal use these images?

    Please note that LokaLocal may use the photos in our marketing and promotional material, such as our website, blog, social media and media content.

  • Can I join as a photographer?

    If you are a photographer and would like to take part, join here.

  • I have a question I can’t find here.

    Please review our Terms of Services for additional information, or contact us at hello@lokalocal.com

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