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Kota Bahru ● Joined in 11th of August 2017

Meet our wau master, Wan Anuar, son to a legendary kitemaker, the maker of wau bulan Pak Shafie. Wan Anuar who inherit talents and skills from his father Pak Shafie, having been in the trade for more than 20 years. He took over the wau gallery run by his father over a year ago and has never stop to guide visitors through this forgotten traditions. To him, each wau is not only a unique work of art but also a reflection of the maker's heart that can show his subtle mastery over the craft. Discover up close the ins and out of making a wau bulan with a master of the craft. In this workshop, Wan Anuar will share his time-tested expertise on this endangered art — from the history of the kites to the carving of the frame as well as the process of making the colorful motifs.

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