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Hey, I'm Rashid
My name is Rashid Esa, I'm the director of Mah Meri Cultural Village. I live with them, I see their place, and they are sympathetic, marginalised people. Their visions in lives are different, their cultures are different, that’s make them more interesting. In the village, we have many programs and packages for variety of people. I'm ready to set the record straight on the misconceptions surrounding the Mah Meri people.
Reviews (16)

Traveler reviews

The event was very well organized. I had a good time. I will not hesitate to participate in another featured experience by this company. Well done, LokaLocal!
February 2017
As a Malaysian, I have so much to find out about my own country. This tour has provided me a chance to know more about the Mah Meri tribe. I get to experience their Ancestor Day, see how they do their prayers, watch them dance along their music, try on their traditional costumes, etc. Definitely an unforgettable trip. .
February 2017
It was nice that you guys provided the local specialist. Drinking water available anytime was great, and the bus was always on time. Well done, team!
February 2017