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Hey, I'm Chan Z. X.
One of the co-founders of social enterprise named Langit, Chan Zi Xiang, graduated with a major in Actuary joined an NGO trip to assist the aborigines (Orang Asli) from Lawas Plateau in Sarawak with basic water suppliers. That was where Chan and his partners came across very high quality crops that they weren’t aware. As time goes on, Chan and his partners saw infinite potential and opportunity for this crops to develop. They believed that by establishing a sustainable economic ecosystem on crops, the system will provide a better future to the Orang Asli community. Thus Langit was incorporated for this noble social enterprise project.
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Traveler reviews

the coordinators are very well versed in what they do hence they can explain in detail all the stages regarding paddy harvesting. its definitely a unique experience and an unforgetable one. every one should at least experience paddy harvesting in their life so that they would know the work involve in bringing the paddy from the field to their kitchen. 2 thumbs up!
January 2019