Self-Discovery in the Rainforest

Selangor, Malaysia

10 hours
2 - 10 travelers
Booking notice
2 days
Standard price
MYR 550.00

I speak English

An Outdoor Experience in the Malaysian Rain Forest at Kuala Kubu Bharu.
Psycho-Cybernetics in action

Come and have an experiential day with Happyyen to enjoy and learn the following:

Understanding similarities of various religion.

Peace and unity can be achieved, only if you are open to learning.
Remember similiarities unite and differences divide.

Jungle Trekking
Jungle trekking in the Malaysian rain -forest for an hour and a half to learn about the flora, fauna and the TAO Philosophy (approx. 3 km, includes five river crossings which most guests, really will appreciate) before you reach this magnificent waterfall ( approx.27 meters ) or other alternative location.

Sungai Chiling only on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Other locations on any other days.

Mental Training
Learn about mind over matter ie. Learn how to submerge your body in a hot-spring pool above 45 degrees Celcius. Once you have immersed in it, you will realized that you are the master of your own destiny. Limitation is self imposed.

Experience good Malaysian meals
During the trip you will experience Indian, Malay and /or Chinese cuisine.

End Results of the Programme
You will understand that you are the master of your own destiny. Do not play the blame game..

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Day 1


8.00 a.m Pick up from hotel at central Kuala Lumpur or meet at Geo Hotel ( next to Pasar Seni LRT Station ) . 8.45 a.m Having Indian Breakfast 9.15 a.m Visit Buddhist Temple 10.15 a.m Bypass Selangor Dam 11.00 a.m Start trekking to the waterfall. Enjoy the moment. 12.30 p.m Light Snacks and hot drinks would be provided at the waterfall. 2.00 p.m Start trekking out. 3.00 p.m Drive to Hot Spring 3.30 p.m Take bath at the Hot Spring (>45 degree Celsius) 4.15 p.m Enjoy a good Malay or Chinese meal. 6.00 p.m Arrive back to Kuala Lumpur

Outfit Recommendations

Bring along 1 set of dry clothes, towel and best to wear strap sandals.
Sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

Poor weather plan

No cancellation once the tour starts

★★★★★ 5

1 Reviews
  • Niko
    Reviewed in November 2017

    Great Nature Discovery and Learning Experience! I had a great time in the Malaysian rainforest, despite not being a jungle trekking lover. I met Happy Yen, and new friends from Russia and USA. Happy Yen is a very knowledgeable tour guide. He introduced us simple yet delicious local food. This is not just a rainforest tour, it’s an enlightening journey that enabled me not only to discover nature and religion, but also to look into myself. Happy Yen shared his philosophical theories by linking nature with our daily lives during the tour. He also shared his key of happiness “Be Happy, Be a SIMPLETON”.

    Happy Yen taught us to believe in ourselves, stay focus and push ourselves to the limit at the hot springs. I never thought that I could stand the heat and stayed calm while soaking my whole body in 46+ °C of hot water. Enjoyed the day!

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MYR 550.00 /Pax
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