Day Tour at Kuala Sepetang

Perak, Malaysia

9 hours
1 - 30 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
Standard price
MYR 40.60

I speak Mandarin

Kuala Sepetang is a coastal fishing town that is just 30 minutes away from Taiping. It’s a town richly endowed by nature, famous for its charcoal kilns, mangrove swamp, seafood and much more! Besides, it’s also a town varied with culture and histories. Interesting fact: Kuala Sepetang is the town where the first railway was built during the British Colonial era.

Enjoy a leisure day in Kuala Sepetang, experience the simple lifestyle, have a taste of the local food, and watch eagle soar during sunset guided by a local (me)!

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Day 1

09:00 AM

Visit Largest Charcoal Factory in Malaysia


Kuala Sepetang is well known for its traditional making of charcoal (the “black gold”). You’ll be able to see the making process of charcoal (made with charcoal kilns) and enjoy chargrilled sweet potatoes afterwards!

10:00 AM

Take a boat ride, roam around Kuala Sepetang’s fishing village.


11:00 AM

Visit and feed fishes at a fish farm


12:00 PM

Local delights as lunch


Kuala Sepetang have loads of nice seafood restaurants. Lunch can be arranged according your preferences and we can have some local snacks too!

01:00 PM

Visit the century old “Pirate Village”, Kuala Sangga


Kuala Sangga is a fishing village elder than Kuala Sepetang only accessible by boat. The entire village is build on the swamp and it’s an authentic village without electricity & water supply. Sounds primitive but it’s the perfect place to spend a slack weekend. If you're lucky enough, you might even get to see dolphins!

04:00 PM

Eagle feeding


There's about 150 eagles in the mangrove forest and it's magnificent to watch a large flock of eagles soar in the sky looking for food.

05:00 PM

Visit the largest mangrove forest in Peninsular Malaysia

06:00 PM

End of tour

Standard price
MYR 40.60 /Pax
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Child (3-12 years)

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Transportation - Boat transfer & Three-wheeler Motorbike
Chargrilled Sweet Potato
Fish Feed
Entrance Ticket - Mangrove Forest
Local Guide
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Food & Drinks
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