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The Valley of Hope in Sungai Buloh

2 hours
10 - 20 travelers
Booking notice
2 days
Standard price
MYR 36.00/Pax
Ean N. I speak English, Malay, Mandarin
Sungai Buloh was once a leper colony, shut out from the outside world. Through this tour, we will reveal the stories of the residents- how their lives and fate of the settlement are interwoven and sealed in that era.

About eighty years ago, a self-sufficient community existed to accommodate leprosy patients, who were forcibly separated from the love of their families, the society at large and even their self-identity.

We are going to walk you through this journey towards understanding the preservation of this peculiar, nostalgic neighborhood. If it's not already a highlight in your itinerary of your visit to Selangor, this trip will guarantee to touch you through a series of eye-opening endeavor, all in a day's walk along the alleys of the Valley of Hope. Join us in this heritage tour as we embark on a journey to hear unspoken stories of this place and its people.

Our mission is to unite former leprosy patients and their Generation through all possible means. In the end, we hope to empower them with knowledge and courage to preserve their family history, to be passed down to myriad generations.


  • Day 1
  • 04:15 PM Gather at the meeting point.
  • 04:30 PM Walk along the emerald spaces.
    Time stands still in the Valley of Hope. The front yards, plants and fruit trees around the neighborhood signify the unceasing existence of life here.
    - Our local expert reveals the hidden history
    - Walking through the Valley of Hope
    - The Valley of Hope
  • 04:45 AM Visit the wet market and old houses
    The wet market was once bustling with noisy crowd and surrounded by abandoned ruins of old homes and shops.
    - Abandoned house
    - Abandoned house
    - Abandoned house
    - Time-worn structure
    - Time-worn structure
    - Our local expert explaining life in the Valley of Hope
    - Time-worn structure
    - Abadoned house
    - Time-worn structure
    - Abadoned house
  • 06:30 PM Walk ends.
Local Living
Rural Escape
Cultural Heritage
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Smart casual
Flexible plan


  • Travel notes
    Bring sunblock cream and water bottle as the weather can be hot and humid.
  • Poor weather plan
    Bring umbrella or raincoat. In case of rain, we also have a mix of activities to keep the vibe going.
  • Safety notices
    Casual t-shirts, sun cap, any shoes you find comfortable.
Standard price
MYR 36.00/Pax
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Service fee 6%
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