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A day in Kampung Baru Titi

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
7 hours
1 - 7 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 232.00/Pax
Yet T. I speak English
You'll be in love with Kampung Baru Titi once you've experienced the local colors. There's unique local authentic Hakka cuisines, local products and enthusiastic locals. Planning a weekend getaway? You'll never leave Kampung Baru Titi empty handed!


  • Day 1
  • 10:00 AM Late breakfast at a local kopitiam (coffee shop)
    Enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch after arriving at Kampung Titi to freshen up and re-energise.
  • 11:00 AM Visit century-old temples and stunning mural arts
    There are rich histories behind these temples. The Hakka God is worshipped by the local people and is believed to have healing powers. The temples are believed to be holy ground because of how they protected children during World War II.

    The mural arts are done by an aspiring local painter. He initially started off painting murals for local schools and has now expanded his artwork to other states as well. These mural arts often have hidden meanings behind them, such as hidden words or phrases camouflaged in the paintings.
    - Photo credit U Travel & Food
    - Photo credit U Travel & Food
    - Photo credit U Travel & Food
  • 12:00 PM Taste famous Hakka Kuih in Kampung Titi
    This is a must buy! These delicacies are called "Chu Yap Ban". You have to buy them early as they sell out very quickly. They are very fresh and are handmade daily.
    - Photo credit U Travel & Food
  • 01:00 PM Local Hakka Lunch
    There are many local delicacies with unique names and historical backstories. You might also be able to converse with friendly locals while waiting for your food.
  • 02:00 PM Visit Rattan Factory
    This factory will show you how handmade rattan furniture are created, including the steps and processes. The furniture maker, which is also the owner's son, will reveal how he came to learn rattan making.
    - Photo credit U Travel & Food
  • 02:30 PM Watch Kampung Titi's History Documentary
    Watching this video will give you a better understanding of what the people of Kampung Titi have been through in the past, and how they have influenced the village we know today. There will be an introduction video of its local delicacies too, which will make you hungry for sure!
  • 03:00 PM *Optional: Visit Monument at cemetery
    Plan A: Wander around the village and buy local products.

    The Monument is a memorial for those who perished during the tragic massacre of neighboring village, Yu Lang Lang, by the Japanese Imperial Army on 18 March 1942.

    Plan B: Try out local pineapples, which are said to be extremely sweet and juicy!

    - Photo credit U Travel & Food
  • 04:00 PM See the making of Hakka Chai Koh / Ma Chai Chang (Egg Biscuit)
    Get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see how Ma Chai Chang and Chai Koh are made.
  • 05:00 PM Overlook Kampung Titi from local primary school and bid farewell
    Do remember to take pictures and selfies there!
Rural Escape , Chillax Retreat , Food Hunter
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Car , Walking
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Flexible plan , Children friendly
Standard price
MYR 232.00 /Pax
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