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Traditional Keris Making Workshop

Perak, Malaysia
8 hours
1 - 15 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 290.00/Pax
Abdul I speak Malay
Meet Pak Mazin, the keris maker of Kuala Kangsar, and discover how he keeps this ancient cultural heritage kept alive. In this workshop, you will also experience making a keris the traditional way.

Keris is a traditional Malay weapon and spiritual object, which is said to possess magical powers, as evident in folktales. Some blades are said to carry good luck while others carry bad luck. They may be used for display, as a talisman, a sanctified heirloom, a ceremonial accessory and a status symbol.

Having started at the age of 12, Pak Mazin is a fourth-generation keris maker who is passionate about sharing this tradition with the world. He has even crafted the keris for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and members of the royalty.
In this workshop, you will learn the art and techniques behind making a keris. You will understand the different types of metal used for the blade, how to forge the blade in fire and how to carve the sheath of the keris. Note that you will not be able to complete your own keris within such a short time, but you can learn how he crafts the keris and try hammering the blade.

By joining this workshop, you are helping Pak Mazin and his family sustain this tradition as they share these stories to the world.


  • Day 1 8.0hours
    Keris Making Workshop
    In this workshop, Pak Mazin will share the history and symbolic significance of the Keris. Discover the meaning behind the structure of the blade, and the variety of blades used across the Malay empire such as the Taming Sari.

    He will then show you how keris is made, from the selection of metals to form an alloy, to the hammering of the blade in a fire, and the carving of the hilt and sheath. You will not be able to make your own keris in such a short time, but you will be able to see how it is done, and can try hammering the blade.
Local Living , Hands-on Fun , Cultural Heritage
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Flexible plan , Halal food available
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Standard price
MYR 290.00 /Pax
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