Traditional Keris Making Workshop

Perak, Malaysia

8 hours
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Meet Pak Mazin, the keris maker of Kuala Kangsar, and discover how he keeps this ancient cultural heritage kept alive. In this workshop, you will also experience making a keris the traditional way.

Keris is a traditional Malay weapon and spiritual object, which is said to possess magical powers, as evident in folktales. Some blades are said to carry good luck while others carry bad luck. They may be used for display, as a talisman, a sanctified heirloom, a ceremonial accessory and a status symbol.

Having started at the age of 12, Pak Mazin is a fourth-generation keris maker who is passionate about sharing this tradition with the world. He has even crafted the keris for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and members of the royalty.
In this workshop, you will learn the art and techniques behind making a keris. You will understand the different types of metal used for the blade, how to forge the blade in fire and how to carve the sheath of the keris. Note that you will not be able to complete your own keris within such a short time, but you can learn how he crafts the keris and try hammering the blade.

By joining this workshop, you are helping Pak Mazin and his family sustain this tradition as they share these stories to the world.

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Keris Making Workshop

In this workshop, Pak Mazin will share the history and symbolic significance of the Keris. Discover the meaning behind the structure of the blade, and the variety of blades used across the Malay empire such as the Taming Sari.

He will then show you how keris is made, from the selection of metals to form an alloy, to the hammering of the blade in a fire, and the carving of the hilt and sheath. You will not be able to make your own keris in such a short time, but you will be able to see how it is done, and can try hammering the blade.

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Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia

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1 Reviews
  • Tatjana
    Reviewed in June 2018

    First off, I think this was a well worth it experience. I learned so much from Abdul abd his passion for Keris making is contagious! It's quite an experience to be before a hot forge, hearing the hammering of the metal on the anvil if you haven't experienced it. It also showcased a side of Malaysia that is authentic. If you have the chance, check out more Kuala Kangsar and immerse yourself in a Malaysian rural town. It's quite charming!

    That being said, there are some issues that I see more with the Lokalocal ad more than anything else. It's very misleading. It says that the language spoken is English and Malay. Truth is, there was only Malay. Abdul doesn't speak English so if you go be sure to have a local with you or a friend who speaks Malay who can translate. If not, I REALLY THINK that Lokalocal should consider helping Mr. Mazin in that regard, like hire a translator or something of the sort. I was lucky enough to have my driver who drove me from Kuala Lumpur stick around and translate. And it was quite enjoyable then.

    Another thing that is misleading, you don't actually make the keris. Due to the time allotted, you are only going see and experience 1 part of the process. Mr. Mazin himself said that the quickest one can make a Keris is 2 weeks to a month. Luckily he has had people from abroad learn the craft under his wing, but it obviously costs more. Think RM 250 per day. So, if you were looking forward to bringing home a sweet keris you yourself made with Mr. Mazin, you are going to be a tad disappointed. But is is great that he offered it to me and in case I want to continue learning, the option is there.

    All in all, I think this is a rare opportunity and even if it remains a one off experience for you and producing something isn't of prime importance, it's an incredible experience. You are in the presence of a long legacy of keris making dating back a couple of generations that is still done in a traditional way. I would a do it again with a slight few changes.

    Overall, I enjoyed the experience!

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