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Holistic Ayurveda Workshop for Beginners

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2.5 hours
2 - 10 travelers
Booking notice
2 days
Standard price
MYR 208.80/Pax
Shamini I speak English, Malay, Tamil
Welcome to Holistic Ayurveda Workshop with Chef Sham. This thorough consultation includes a full intake of healthcare concerns, along with a detailed evaluation of one’s current lifestyle and dietary habits. After the assessment the client receives a detailed, list of dietary, lifestyle and herbal prescriptions; all created specifically for the individual.

No prior knowledge of Ayurveda is needed for proper treatment, as you will learn much along the way. Ayurveda not only teaches one self-healing, it also teaches one empowerment. Our health is truly in our hands! The highlights of this Ayurveda Workshop are: Body Type Evaluation and Assessment and being able to understand all about Spices and Ayurveda. Learn two Ayurveda Recipes (hands-on cooking session) Also will give you weight-loss tips, Hormonal Balance, Overcome low energy and chronic fatigue.


  • Day 1 2.5hours
    Ayurveda Workshop and Cooking Lessons
    The flow of event for this class is as below:-

    - Participants are welcomed with breakfast (for 10am class) or Masala Tea for (2pm class) after that then introduction to Ayurveda and Doshas Type. Then there will be an Assessment of individuals (through online quiz)Analysis of Dosha Type, dietary, spice and herbal recommendation. Preparation and Cooking of Ayurvedic Recipes (two types of dishes) Finally it ends with a Ends with Lunch or Dinner
Hands-on Fun , Educational Fun
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Smart casual , Flexible plan , Children friendly , Vegetarian Food Available , Halal food available
Standard price
MYR 208.80 /Pax
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