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Discover the hidden charms of Kuala Sepetang

8 hours
6 - 10 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 110.00/Pax
Yee L. I speak English, Mandarin
Join a getaway with nature and historical charms in Kuala Sepetang, the vibrant coastal town of Perak, Malaysia.

Kuala Sepetang is a thriving fishing village, and the main jumping-off point to the river mouth community of Kuala Sangga, a Chinese fishing community. Steeped in small-town traditions, you'll get to enjoy a hands-on experience in joss stick making, learn about charcoal making, taste local delights and other fascinating customs. You will also bask in the beautiful natural attractions of Matang and Taiping, as well as join activities like eagle feeding.


  • Day 1
  • 08:00 AM Meet at Kuala Sepetang
  • 08:30 AM Charcoal factory workshop : How to use mangrove tree tanin do the batik
    The charcoal factory in Matang is owned by Mr. Chuah, who loves to share his story and passion towards the art of producing charcoal. Charcoal making is long and laborious, as every single process in a charcoal factory is manually done by human power.

    Have some charcoal baked sweet potato at the end of the touring.
  • 11:30 AM River cruise to Kuala Sangga and eagle sight seeing
  • 12:30 PM Seafood Porridge for Lunch
  • 01:30 PM Visit mushroom factory
  • 02:30 PM Dragon Joss stick workshop
    Learn to make joss sticks from a master in the trade.

    Joss sticks are made from a special powder, which consists of ground-up chips and bark of the local tree called kayu teja, also known as the wild cinnamon tree or joss stick tree. After mixing with water, a sticky dough is produced which is fashioned into decorative items for the dragon joss sticks. The dough is first compressed by machines and then stretched through metal rollers to the required thickness.

    The dough is then laid on wooden slabs and special shaped metal cutters are used to cut out required shapes like dragon claws, figurines, dragon whiskers, phoenix tails and so on. In other words, this is like making cookies at home!
  • 04:00 PM Tour end
Local Living , Hands-on Fun , Educational Fun
Transportation during tour
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Flexible plan , Children friendly
3 Reviews
October 2017
Such an incredibly awesome tour! It was memorable, fun filled and well organized, I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment with Yee Ling!
October 2017
Awesome trip. Tia is a very knowledgeable tourist guide. She tells us stories of the people and the place. The people of each place gives us insights of art and culture that they are sustaining at this tech era. Getting my hands onto charcoal making and joss stick making, learning the complicated process and technique, is an experience that I cannot find else where. Thanks Tia! Thanks LokaLocal. Will be back with my parents!
October 2017
It’s surprising to know that there is still a place like Kuala Sepetang, where local traditions are well-preserved and close to the heart of its people. Thanks to Tia, we got to meet charcoal makers and joss stick makers who showed us the technique behind each craft. The best part is that we get to try them out as well! The experience has been incredibly different and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Standard price
MYR 110.00/Pax
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