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Cooking Class & Exploring local market

Sarawak, Malaysia
4 hours
2 - 6 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
Standard price
MYR 174.00/Pax
I speak English
We recommend to start at 0830hr in the morning, where we can meet at #IndahHouseKuching..
We will proceed to the local market where you will learn about local jungle produce that some, can only be found in Sarawak & not West Malaysia.
You will also learn about the health benefits that some of these local herbs & vegetables are used especially in the villages that do not have easy access to clinics & hospitals.
You will also pick & purchase some of it for your cooking class.
Back at Indah, you will need to prepare the produce for your cooking. Together with our team, you will learn to cook Malay, Bidayuh, Iban influenced cooking.
You will also learn how to substitute the raw materials that you may not be able to get in your own country.
Most positive feedback that we get from participants is, besides the great tasting local food that they had cooked, they get a thrill to break, grind & milk coconut!
The main complaints that we get is that there are just too much food! But we always encourage them to bring back :)

We need minimum of two people to start the cooking class & prefer not to go beyond six people as we like it to be an intimate cooking session.


  • Day 1 4.0hours
    Visit a local market & discover local produce, health benefits, speak to the farmers. Pick produce for cooking class.
    Prepare the food (fine cutting, chopping, pouncing, grinding & milking coconut, marinating etc)
    Cooking with Indah's team, the same people who cook & bake for Indah Cafe.
    Eating the food you have cooked.
Hands-on Fun , Cultural Heritage , Educational Fun
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Flexible plan , Children friendly , Vegetarian Food Available , Halal food available
Standard price
MYR 174.00 /Pax
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