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Make Your Own Ring! A Fulfilling Workshop Experience

Selangor, Malaysia
2.5 hours
1 - 2 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 208.80/Pax
Joan I speak English, Malay, Mandarin
Nothing is more satisfying than making a personalized ring for yourself and your beloved one — especially if crafted with your unique design. A self-made ring means more than just a ring or accessory. It is a special gift that for yourself and your beloved ones.

In this workshop, you will be guided by Joan, our very own experienced and patient tutor. She will share the knowledge of the material selection, the tools used and followed by a hands-on workshop. This gives you the opportunity to create and design a truly unique ring that you can take home and wear with pride. You will learn all sorts of tips and techniques to ring-making and let your creativity run freely while designing the ring of your desires.


  • Day 1
  • 10:30 AM Introduction of silversmithing
    Basic knowledge of silversmithing, materials, tools and equipment.
  • 10:45 AM Measure your ring size
    determine how much silver strip needed.
  • 11:00 AM Design your ring
    learn how to working on your silver strip
    - stamp your personalised phrases
    - create texture
  • 12:00 PM Soldering and pickling
    Soldering, to join your silver strip to a ring
    pickling, a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, rust or fire scale.
  • 12:30 PM Finishing
    Burnishing and polishing, which is the final step to make your ring bright and shine.
  • 01:00 PM End of workshop
Hands-on Fun
Transportation during tour


  • Safety notices
    Tie long hair back.
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Standard price
MYR 208.80 /Pax
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