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Hari Moyang Festival with the Mah Meri 2018

Selangor, Malaysia
17 March, 2018
6 hours
1 - 400 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
Standard price
MYR 75.40/Pax
Rashid I speak English, Malay
LokaLocal is the official partner of Mah Meri Cultural Village.

For centuries, the Mah Meri tribe in Kampong Sungai Bumbun, Carey Island celebrate their annual Hari Moyang, or Ancestors' Day. Now they are welcoming us into their community to witness their ancient rituals and well-preserved tradition of appeasing the ancestral spirits.

On the eve of Hari Moyang, families within the small community perform the Sanggar ritual to remember and honour their ancestral spirits. On the day itself, they would gather at the Moyang shrines to give their offerings, perform special prayers and receive blessings from the village shaman. Traditional songs and dances will be performed. This year, you have the chance to make Bunga Moyang as an offering. After the ceremony, the tribe and guests will head to the cultural village for a traditional lunch. It's a cultural experience you wouldn't find elsewhere!

Note: Transportation can be arranged on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate if needed, otherwise you can drive there on your own.


  • Day 1 6.0hours
    Full Itinerary for Hari Moyang 2018
    09:00 am: Register by 9am at Mah Meri Cultural Village

    09:15 am : Briefing on Hari Moyang Ceremony
    Always be mindful when visiting any community or place. See Travel Notes for the Do's and Don'ts.

    09:30 am : Visit Shrines for the Celebrations
    Visit the Moyang Gadeng at Sg. Bumbun and Moyang Ambai at Sg. Mata. The tribe will give their offerings and special prayers to their ancestors. This ritual serves to thank the spirits for the good fortune in the past and wish for future prosperity. After this, they will receive blessing from the village shaman.

    You are welcome to join in the dances, have the option of making Bunga Moyang and offering it to the spirits,

    02:00 pm : Lunch at the Mah Meri Cultural Village
    As is tradition, the villagers will serve lunch after the ceremony. Some of the food served includes Malay dishes, vegetarian samosas, curry puffs, mixed vegetables, white rice, local fruits, fried sweet potatoes and fried tapioca.

    03:00 pm : End of the celebration
    You can leave after lunch or continue to stay at the village afterwards.
    What is Hari Moyang about?
    The Mah Meri are animists not believing in any particular god but spirits from the other world. They believe that there exist another world or world of spirits, parallel to the world we live in and on Hari Moyang, Hari Moyang which falls after the Chinese Lunar New Year, is when the door to this other world opens. Believers may seek protection and forgiveness, exchange information, ask for better fortunes and special wishes to the inhabitants of the other world on this day. The only other way of communication to the other world is through their dreams. They believe that dreams are real and contain messages from the other world. The time cycle for each day of the spirit world is half of our world. One spirit day is 12 hours. That is why, we observe, most spirit related ritual or festivities must end at noon. The size of offerings to the spirits too is smaller than usual.
    Where is Hari Moyang celebrated?
    Ther are four villages that will be celebrating the Hari Moyang, We will be arranging visitors to visit more than one site if there is enough time.
    Why join Hari Moyang with LokaLocal?
    Since we are the official partner, we have exclusive access to additional experiences at the Mah Meri Cultural Village on this day.

    On top of the activities listed here, we can also arrange:
    1. A half-hour boat ride to make offerings to the spirits
    2. Make Bunga Moyang and offer to spirits (small donation required)
    3. Homestay accomodation around the village

    Click "Personalization Request" for these exclusive arrangements.

Local Living , Cultural Heritage , Educational Fun
Transportation during tour
Walking , Others
Extra conditions
Smart casual , Flexible plan , Halal food available


  • Travel notes
    1. The itinerary and program are subject to change.

    Do’s & Don’ts
    1. Please do not remove origami decorations at the site, they are for the spirits.
    2. Food and drinks at the ritual site are for the participants & villages and not for visitors.
    3. Visitors & guests are given a visitors tag, you may not be permitted to enter the area without one.
    4. Please collect your visitors entry pass at MMCV, and follow instructions given to you.
    5. Please observe the notices at the ritual sites.
    6. Members of the media please register at MMCV before entry
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MYR 75.40 /Pax
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