Everyone Can Quill: Beginner Workshop to the Art of Paper Quilling

Selangor, Malaysia

3 hours
3 - 20 travelers
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14 days
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RM 116.00

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Learn the fundamentals of paper quilling and have fun making your special artwork.

In this workshop you'll learn how to create basic figures by rolling and folding color strips of paper using 10 techniques, to form shapes and objects in quilling. With some imagination and creativity, you can combine these shapes to create beautiful works of art. Along with some tips and tricks by our instructor, you can begin quilling your very own paper masterpiece. For paper art lovers, it's a handy skill for future gift ideas!

Every student receives a quilling starter kit containing :
- Qulling paper strips from Takeo Fine Paper
- Slotted tool
- Sizer Ruler
- Bookmarks and Cards
- Mini Guidebook
- 10 basic templates

Main activities:
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Day 1

Learn the Art of Quilling

Class starts at 10.30am and ends at 1.30pm. Workshop session includes: • Welcome & Introduction to Quilling • Basic techniques with 10 basic shapes • Tips and tricks • Hands-on quilling activity • Q & A , and lots of fun

Standard price
RM 116.00 /Pax
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