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The Best of Kuala Lumpur Classic Bike Tour

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4 hours
1 - 10 travelers
Booking notice
1 day
Standard price
MYR 199.00/Pax
MikeBikes I speak English
Discover the capital city of Malaysia in a lively guided cycling tour that lets you experience the city's most interesting places, covering the inner and outer areas for an up-close view of Kuala Lumpur,

During this 4-hour tour, our local expert will take you to many of the city's iconic landmarks. The cycling route covers over 8 areas of the city centre, each conveying its own character, charm and contrast.

Witness the lifestyle of the community at the fruits and vegetable market of Chow Kit, and a quiet traditional village. Explore the city's captivating heritage at several places of worship and historical square. After that, cycle to the bustling Petaling Street bazaar, and the magnificent skyscrapers of KL. This bicycle tour will give you an insightful look into the history and culture of Kuala Lumpur.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Distance: 14km


  • Day 1 4.0hours
    Classic cycling tour in Kuala Lumpur
    Our grand cycling tour starts at 8am and ends at 12pm.

    You will be escorted by an experienced local guide to over 50 attractions along a 14km cycling route. Ride down the little alleys and take in the wondrous duality of Kuala Lumpur - where colonial landmarks meet modern skyscrapers, and rural traditions meet urban vibes.

    Brunch with drinks will be included.
Calorie Burner , Cultural Heritage , City Highlights
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Physical Strength Required , Children friendly


  • Travel notes
    Make sure you are at MikeBikes' office in the Malaysian Tourism Centre, MaTIC, 109 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur at the latest 15 to 30 minutes before start.
  • Outfit Recommendations
    Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Standard price
MYR 199.00 /Pax
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