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Sashiko - Japanese Folk Embroidery Workshop

Selangor, Malaysia
2 hours
2 - 6 travelers
Booking notice
2 days
Standard price
MYR 150.80/Pax
Barbara I speak English, Malay
Learn Sashiko, an ancient form of Japanese folk embroidery. The simplicity of little stitches running along a piece of fabric is unparalled.

Sashiko, or "little stabs", is an ancient hand-sewing technique that originated during the Edo period in Japan. This “folk textile” was traditionally used by women from fishing or farming families to mend, decorate and improve the lifespan of the clothes and household, as well as make winter clothing. Sashiko motifs are traditionally pleasing and geometric, such as waves, seven treasures, mountains, bamboo, and fences.

In this workshop, learn the zen art of sashiko like the times of ancient Japan. Crafters interested in hand embroidery would find this meditative and relaxing.


  • Day 1 2.0hours
    Learn Sashiko Embroidery
    We start by understanding the history of Sashiko, as well as familiarise ourselves with the different tools, techniques and patterns. Then, with a stitch at a time, following the instructions of the instructor, you will be able to create a marvelous piece to bring home.
    - Sashiko can be used to create beautiful designs
    - Geometric patterns are common in sashiko
    - Learn how to create your own sashiko art
Hands-on Fun
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  • Travel notes
    # 1 pax rate is available upon request. Please send in your request to hello@lokalocal.com
    # Most times classes will overrun
    # Larger groups and corporate events available upon request
    # Alternative venue at SS2 available upon request
Standard price
MYR 150.80 /Pax
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