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Er Hu Chinese Violin Music Class

Selangor, Malaysia
1 hour
2 - 5 travelers
Booking notice
7 days
Standard price
MYR 92.80/Pax
Soh I speak English
Master the techniques of Er Hu with the help of accomplished music teachers, and discover the art of this traditional fiddle in greater detail.

Er Hu, also known as the Chinese violin or two-stringed fiddle, is one of the most well-known traditional musical instruments in Chinese culture. Believed to have originated since the 10th century, the Er Hu produces a haunting tune, and its versatility makes it popular for both traditional and contemporary music. You may have noticed it on the 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' soundtrack.

In this workshop, learn the basics of playing the traditional instrument, from the posture, to tuning techniques, bowing and notation. With guidance from an experienced teacher, you will learn an informal piece. Beginners welcomed.


  • Day 1 1.0hour
    Er Hu Music Lesson
    Learn the basics of playing the Er Hu and discover the fun side of Chinese music and culture!
Hands-on Fun , Cultural Heritage , Educational Fun
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Standard price
MYR 92.80 /Pax
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