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Gu Zheng Music Class

Selangor, Malaysia
1 hour
2 - 5 travelers
Booking notice
7 days
Standard price
MYR 92.80/Pax
Soh I speak English
Uncover the ancient and intricate techniques of playing the Gu Zheng with the help of accomplished music teachers.

Gu Zheng is a beautiful, elegant plucked string instrument that resembles a harp. During the Qin and Tang Dynasty, it was the most commonly played instrument in China. It has the versatility to create a range of expressive melodies, from the sound of horses running out in the wild, a cascading waterfall, even the clash of blades on a battlefield.

In this workshop, you can learn how to express yourself with the Gu Zheng, from maintaining the proper postures to trying the varying plucking, hammering and bowing techniques. Beginners welcomed.


  • Day 1 1.0hour
    Gu Zheng Music Class
    We will start with an introduction to the Gu Zheng, followed by a lesson on the techniques of this elegant instrument.
Hands-on Fun , Cultural Heritage , Educational Fun
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Children friendly
Standard price
MYR 92.80 /Pax
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