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Labu Sayong Pottery Making in Kuala Kangsar

Perak, Malaysia
2 hours
1 - 7 travelers
Booking notice
2 days
Standard price
MYR 60.00/Pax
Zulkifly I speak English, Malay
Discover how the making of Labu Sayong is practised in Kuala Kangsar.

The art of Labu Sayong has existed in Kuala Kangsar for centuries, and the district of Sayong still remains the only place you can lay your hands on this water pitcher. Traditionally it is used to store drinks, as its semi-permeable surface keeps the water cool. It is also known for its healing properties.

In 2 hours, you can see how the labu sayong is made using clay that can only be found in Kuala Kangsar, then moulded to form various shapes for different uses. You can watch a demonstration of the wheel throwing process, and even have the chance to try it yourself!


  • Day 1 2.0hours
    The Making of Labu Sayong at Kuala Kangsar
    You will spend the first half an hour learning about the history of labu sayong in Kuala Kangsar, while getting to know the components of the clay. After that, you will learn about the process of making labu sayong. You can try to use the wheel to mould the pitcher with our artisan.

    The 2-hour workshop will cover
    - A brief introduction and history of labu sayong
    - Understanding and analysis of clay
    - The making of labu sayong (wheel throwing, machine, trimming)
    - Hands-on wheel throwing experience
    - Labu sayong is traditionally made on the wheel
Hands-on Fun , Cultural Heritage
Transportation during tour
Extra conditions
Children friendly


  • Travel notes
    Simple local lunch is included for groups from 30 and above.
Standard price
MYR 60.00 /Pax
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