2D1N Take Me Home: Country Roads in Sauk

Perak, Malaysia

2 Day(s)
1 - 10 travelers
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3 days
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I speak English, Mandarin

Down the country roads in Perak, there is a land of blue skies and laidback atmosphere. Welcome to the simple life at Kampung Baru Sauk.

Kampung Baru Sauk (新寿活村) or "The New Village of Longevity" is a peaceful village far from the hurried pace of city life. Here we can cycle along the country roads, row a kayak on a lake, learn about traditional village trades, taste the food locals love, visit the night market, watch the sunset or even stargaze.

Our local expert, who chose to leave the city behind and live in Sauk, is happy to guide us with any activity we want to try, at our own leisure. This free and easy getaway is all about experiencing pure freedom in the countryside. So slow down, take time to see the beauty of life and return to the simplicity of childhood.

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Day 1

Meet at Kamo Home and explore the new village

After meeting the local expert at 2 pm (check in homestay), we will explore the new village and its attractions. You will learn Cyanotype printing and do village walk evening with Kamo.

Let's not forget the delicacies, of course! Our local expert highly recommends Japanese cuisine at Kampung Jerlun, which is beloved by locals (he calls it the Malaysian version of "Midnight Diner, a Japanese manga series) or the famous fish belly of Kampung Sauk.

If the weather is good, there's a chance to experience stargazing!
Learn cyanotype printing
Kamo, our local expert of Sauk

Day 2

Relax and chill

Rise and shine early in the morning. Admire the scenic mountains and lake, listen to the symphony of gibbons and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Then, it's time for us to hit the road and head home, accompanied by the idyllic countryside views along the way.
Watch the sunrise at Sauk, experience the tranquil atmosphere of Sauk

Travel notes

Do let me know in advance in case you have any food allergies or anything we need to note during the experience to provide a better experience for you.

Outfit Recommendations

Wear comfortable casual clothing and comfortable shoes.

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Kampung Baru Sauk Sauk Perak Malaysia

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