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2D1N Village Experience in Sauk

Perak, Malaysia
28 January, 2019
2 Day(s)
1 - 10 travelers
Booking notice
3 days
Standard price
MYR 280.00/Pax
Kamo I speak English, Mandarin
Experience the idyllic village life of Kampung Baru Sauk in this 2D1N getaway. Slow down, take time to see the beauty of life and return to the simplicity of childhood.

Kampung Baru Sauk (新寿活村) or "The New Village of Longevity" is a peaceful village far from the hurried pace of city life. Your local expert, Kamo, chose to leave the city behind and live in this village. He welcomes you into his cozy homestay which gives you a taste of the countryside living.

On the first day, learn cyanotype printing and enjoy village walk evening with Kamo. You can enjoy local delicacies at one of two recommended restaurants - either Japanese cuisine at Kampung Jerlun, or the famous fish belly of Kampung Sauk. On the second day, hike to a panoramic peak to see a sea of clouds unfurl, before heading home with the memories of the countryside to accompany you.


  • Day 1 8.0hours
    Meet at Kamo Home and explore the new village
    After meeting the local expert at 2 pm (check in homestay), we will explore the new village and its attractions. You will learn Cyanotype printing and do village walk evening with Kamo.

    Let's not forget the delicacies, of course! Our local expert highly recommends Japanese cuisine at Kampung Jerlun, which is beloved by locals (he calls it the Malaysian version of "Midnight Diner, a Japanese manga series) or the famous fish belly of Kampung Sauk.

    If the weather is good, there's a chance to experience stargazing!
    - Live the simple village life with the locals of Sauk
    - Learn cyanotype printing
  • Day 2 7.0hours
    Relax and chill
    Rise and shine early in the morning. Admire the scenic mountains and lake, listen to the symphony of gibbons and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Then, it's time for us to hit the road and head home, accompanied by the idyllic countryside views along the way.
    - Watch the sunrise at Sauk, experience the tranquil atmosphere of Sauk
Local Living , Rural Escape , Chillax Retreat
Transportation during tour
Bicycle , Walking , Others
Extra conditions
Smart casual , Flexible plan , Vegetarian Food Available , Seasonal activity
Standard price
MYR 280.00 /Pax
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