Drift-triking Downhill at Bukit Jugra

Selangor, Malaysia

1.5 hours
4 - 15 travelers
Booking notice
2 days
Standard price
RM 46.40

I speak English, Malay

Come soak in the adrenaline rush of drift-triking as you speed down Bukit Jugra.

Drift-triking, or trike-drifting, is a rather young sport first started by the Kiwis in New Zealand. As a gravity sport, riders race their drift trikes down the steepest hills that they can find. The trike is like a tricycle; the difference is that the back wheels are wrapped with 5 inch PVC to intentionally lose control of the rear, making it "drift".

Thanks to the adrenaline jockeys of Fun Trikes, the drift-triking experience is now available in Malaysia. In this experience, you will learn how to ride a trike, and get the chance to drift themselves down Bukit Jugra for as long as 1.8km. This fun-filled and stress-relieving sport is recommended to all adventure-enthusiasts!

Main activities:

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Trike-drifting downhill

You will be given safety equipment such as knee and shin guards, helmet and gloves. Then proceed to the briefing and training session at a gentle slope. Once you've gotten the hang of it, time to get your adrenaline rushing, drifting down the winding Bukit Jugra!

You may choose to drift on your own with a single trike, or ask for a guided drift on a double-seated trike
- For Single drifting, you get 1.5 hours on this experience, which allows you to have around 3-4 laps downhill.
- For Guided drifting, you get to experience a round of professional drifting with a guide

Outfit Recommendations

Wear sport shoes and long pants, recommended to wear sunglasses. No dresses or skirts. Women with long hair are recommended to tie their hair up.

Where we will meet

Bukit Jugra Lighthouse

How to get there

Standard price
RM 46.40 /Pax
No dates available
How to get there

Park your car at the entrance of Bukit Jugra Lighthouse.