Vietnamese Cooking Class: Hoi An Chicken Rice (16 Mar)

Selangor, Malaysia

4 hours
1 - 7 travelers
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2 days
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MYR 200.00

I speak English, Malay

Learn to cook Vietnamese food the local way with Chef Mai! In this class, we'll learn to cook Hoi An Chicken Rice, Vietnamese Fried Chicken and Cabbage Chicken Salad.

Guided by an experienced cook and local expert, you will receive tips on how to select fresh ingredients, followed by a hands-on workshop where you can cook your favorite Vietnamese delicacies. All ingredients are Halal and easily purchased in Malaysia (or homegrown).

Learn how to select good chicken and cook a healthy, tasty chicken with lots of fresh herbs from Hoi An, a town in the centre of Vietnam. Find out what makes a proper fish sauce to prepare a lip-smaking fried chicken, along with Vietnamese-style Cabbage Chicken Salad. After the class, you will enjoy lunch with Chef Mai.

1. Hoi An Chicken Rice (Herbal chicken rice from Hoi An)
2. Vietnamese Fish Sauce Fried Chicken (Crispy and chewy umami bombs-lacquered in fried , caramelize garlic and chili)
3. Vietnamese-style Cabbage Chicken Salad (Refreshing, healthy salad)

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Day 1

10:30 AM

Learn to cook your own Halal Vietnamese food.


Find out how you can pick the best ingredients for your dish. Then cook up a storm with help from your local expert!

02:30 PM

Enjoy the food that you've made yourself.


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