Fantastic Scenic View of Moon Gate Trail

Penang, Malaysia

02 hours 30 minutes
1 - 8 travelers
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2 days
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RM 60.00

I speak Mandarin, English, Malay

Hike the famous "Moon Gate 5" trail and witness the awesome scenic view which will surround you throughout! As we make our way along the route, encounter the various wildlife which will cross our paths such as squirrels, monkeys, giant ants, giant millipedes and much more!

This trail will take approximately 1 - 2 hours (back & forth), and will amaze you with its natural life and stunning views.

Who better to take you on this journey than a nature-loving Penangite who has been staying on this island for more than 35 years? My only wish is to share this extraordinary experience with you in Penang and hope you enjoy this hike!

我是土生土长的槟城人。我是一个非常热爱大自然的人。每当空闲时,我都会到海边走走、爬山、或在乡下骑脚车等。亲近大自然可以让我纾解压力、放空心情 和 陶冶陶冶性情。我期待与大家分享这种与众不同的亲身体验。 "月门5号"是槟城著名的爬山景点之一。我喜欢爬这座山的原因是可以看到很棒的风景。除此之外,我们也可以看到一些野生动物如:松鼠,猴子,巨型蚂蚁,巨型千足虫等等。这爬山的路程长达1个到2个小时(来回)。这趟大自然之旅将为你带来一些惊喜。

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04:00 PM

Our adventure begins!


This experience will start at the Penang Youth Park. (If you have no idea how to get there or you have transportation issue, please let me know as soon as possible).

Along the journey, you will enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenic view of Penang. You are welcome to take a selfie or group photo along the way.

This trail will take about 1 hour to reach the destination and it is suitable for both individuals and families with children.

Once we've arrived at our destination (Moon Gate 5), You will be served with hot traditional coffee or tea. Enjoy a cup of hot traditional coffee/tea with the "symphony" of crickets and birds.

我们的行程将从槟城青年公园开始。 (如果您不知道如何到达那里或有交通的问题,请提早通知我)。 沿途中,您可以充分享受新鲜的空气和槟城美丽的风景。 如果您愿意的话,您可以自由地拍摄, 希望这旅程将成为您在槟城最美好和难忘的时光。 我们大约需要1小时左右才能到达目的地,而且路程不会太崎岖,这是一个蛮适合个人或家庭的郊游活动。当我们抵达目的地(月门5号)后,您还可以享用当地传统的热咖啡或茶。喝着传统热咖啡/茶伴随着蟋蟀和鸟儿的交响曲,这将会是您最美好的享受时光。

06:30 PM

We bid goodbye!


See you all again soon!

Travel notes

Please arrive in proper hiking attire (eg. sports attire, sports shoes)

Time can be flexible, I will notify if there are any changes in the time.

Safety notices

My responsibility is to make sure you will have a safe trip. So please don't bring any food with you, because the monkeys will come to grab your food without any permission.

Where we will meet

Youth Park, Persiaran Kuari, Pulau Tikus, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

How to get there

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RM 60.00 /Pax
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How to get there

If you have no idea how to get there or you have transportation issue, please let me know as soon as possible