Farm-to-Table Lunch at PMF 2019

Perak, Malaysia

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Welcome to our Farm-to-Table Lunch at the Placemaking Festival 2019!

Agriculture X Ceramic X Culinary Farm-to-Table experience is a social movement which promotes serving local food through direct acquisition from local producer. This movement addresses public concern on food safety, freshness, seasonality, and small-farm economics.

The luncheon celebrates the collaboration of local farmers, chefs and pottery craftsmen. The young talented Ipoh born chef, Fikri Jalil will be using local produce from farms that adopt bio-dynamic or organic farming approach (eg. Centainnel Agriculture) to create a 3-course fusion meal that will be served on amazing Perak produced ceramic tableware. Please join us and support this meaningful collaboration as they experiment with new offerings that bond these industries together to create a co-prosperous ecosystem.

“3合1”餐桌实验——产地到餐桌(午餐) 农业 x 陶瓷业 x 餐饮业 产地到餐桌的源起算得上是一场社会运动,人们希望透过直接跟他们信任的当地农夫采买食材,藉以解决他们持续关注的节令食材、食材新鲜度、食安问题及小农经济等课题。

这场产地到餐桌的午餐飨宴,是本届“地方创生节”的重头戏;是怡保的小农、厨师和陶瓷工匠携手合作的“3合1”餐桌实验。 在外地打拼回到怡保、才华横溢的青年厨师Fikri Jalil,将采用本地有机耕作或活力农耕(例如Centainnel Agriculture农场)种植的食材,烹调出三道菜组合而成的复合式餐点,届时这三道菜也将盛装在霹雳州生产的陶瓷餐具上呈现给饕客。 请参与我们成为支持这场有意义的“3合1”餐桌实验的一份子,因为这三个产业的结合和付出和您的回馈,或许能因此开发出一个新的产品线,或一个新的旅游体验活动,我们更期盼的是能因此打造出一个共生共荣的生态系统。

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12:15 PM

Guest arrival

12:45 PM

Enjoy an unforgettable Farm-to-Plate Lunch


Taste a meaningful lunch made from the harmonious collaboration of agriculture (fresh local produce), ceramic (tableware) and food (a fusion spread).

Fresh produce will be sourced on the day
Meet the chef, Ipoh born Fikri Jalil

02:30 PM

End of the Lunch

Travel notes

1. Each guest may only register for up to 2 pax per booking. Limited seats only, first come first serve basis.
2. Adults or children aged 3-12 year olds must register for a seat. Meals for children under 3 will not be provided.

1. Guests must arrive and register yourself 30 minutes before event starts.
2. Seats will be released if registered guest do not arrive before 12.45pm.

Where we will meet

GRC Convention Hall, Jalan Raja Musa Mahadi, Rapat Setia, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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