What’s Unique About Selangor

Selangor boasts a unique blend of nature and city. On the one hand, there are stunning hills and beautiful wildlife; on the other, the state boasts a thriving modern metropolitan bursting with life. Travellers who are seeking a balance will find that Selangor offers the best of both worlds.
Adventure and hiking enthusiast can look towards Broga Hill, Tabur Hill, and Chiling River to get in touch with nature. Or if you are looking for a less vigorous wildlife experience, then the firefly show at Kuala Selangor is an option you shouldn’t miss.
City slickers craving for a good night out can venture into the bustling areas of Petaling Jaya and Bangsar, where the nights carry on straight into the wee hours of the morning

Quick Facts
  • 26.12°C
    Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Shah Alam
Food to Eat
  • ● Banana Leaf Rice
  • ● Nasi Lemak
  • ● Seafood
  • ● Feb: Thaipusam
  • ● Aug: Selangor International Indigenous Arts Festival
  • ● Date varies: Hari Raya
Your Guide To Selangor
First Timer's Guide To Selangor, Malaysia

As one of the most favourite spots amongst visitors in Malaysia, Selangor is home to incredibly delicious street food, interesting historical sites, vibrant art scene and more. Find out more about what you must do, see and eat when in Selangor!


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Best Things to Do in Selangor
01. Wonder And Wander At Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Murugan, with a flight of stairs leading to the cave temple. The limestone that forms Batu Caves is around 400 million years old. It is frequented by Hindus all year round, but Thaipusam and Deepavali draw large hordes of worshippers together for a spectacle of cultural celebration.

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02. Witness A Firefly Light Show At Kuala Selangor

Leave it to nature to host a light performance like no other. Kuala Selangor is known for having the best spots to see fireflies congregating at berembang trees. The best time to see this is at night, when the flashes of light is clear and the light dance is most visible.

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03. Experience The Local Malaysian Nightlife

Curfews do not exist for the young-at-heart in Selangor. If you are a night owl looking for a good time out, districts like Petaling Jaya and Bangsar are tempting destinations. Even if you’re not into partying, there are plenty of mamak stalls where you can have a late-night meal (because eating is the Malaysian way to hang out).

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04. Learn About The Mah Meri Natives At Carey Island

The Mah Meri is an indigenous community who primarily lives at Carey Island. Known as the Maskmen of Malaysia, the Mah Meri are best known for their skills in woodcarving and their elaborate masks depicting expressive characters. Today, many are striving to preserve their culture by opening their doors to visitors.

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05. Reach The Peak Of Beautiful Hills

Selangor is rich with beautiful waterfalls and challenging peaks. Despite having different levels of difficulty, all will offer a unique view of the surrounding landscape. Broga Hill is most suitable for beginners while adrenaline junkies would enjoy Tabur Hill’s steeper ridges. You can even take a night hike at Gasing Hill. Refreshing waterfalls are also an alternative with Sungai Chiling and Kanching Waterfalls.

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06. Take the scenic route in Sekinchan

Best known for its lush paddy, Sekinchan is where locals love to go for a quick weekend getaway away from the city. The best time to witness the paddy fields in full bloom is during the pre-harvest seasons in March/April and September/October. Towards the evening, you can taste local snacks while watching kites fluttering against the sunset at the lively Pantai Redang Beach.

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07. Discover The Royal Town Of Klang

This royal town and former capital of Selangor boasts historical sites and delicious food like bak kut teh, banana leaf rice and pandan layer cake. You can find several Klang Heritage Walks each giving a different view of this multicultural town. Just a boat’s ride away from Port Klang, Pulau Ketam is a fishing village that stand on stilts above tidal mudflats, with seafood haven that does not disappoint.

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08. Explore Hidden Gems Of Hulu Selangor

Beyond the urban jungle, Hulu Selangor is a larger area nestled in between unspoiled mountains and tropical forests. It is dotted with villages such as Batang Kali, Ulu Yam and Kuala Kubu Bharu, each with their own historical landmarks. Drive a little further out and you can find natural hot springs, waterfalls and indigenous villages.

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